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Meat & Three Vege: Sausages or LMS


This post focuses on the Sausage or Learner Management Systems (LMS) – or should it be Learner Socialisation Systems (LSS) – part of my ESL technology framework: Meat and Three Vege.

Technology in ESL is often sidelined on the one hand through inconsistent use across an institute, and on the other through the flooding of colleges with experimental products and web sites that distract rather than help.

My framework tries to address...

TEC² Up: Text Mining

Speaking Lesson Listening Lesson Writing Lesson Reading Lesson

As stated in the main article, an ecological perspective of language learning and complex theory provide useful guidelines for developing materials. This lesson plan will try to incorporate those ideas and show how this could be realized through a LSS (Learner Social System).

In addition, the format borrows heavily from ideas presented by Scott Thornbury in Beyond the Sentence: Introducing Discourse Analysis. In his book he concludes that texts can be ‘progressively fine-tuned, elaborated, reformulated, critiqued, corrected,...