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Title: The Born Collaborator (Damien Herlihy)

Motto: The Destruction of Teaching Silos

Ingredients: One Certificate (CELTA), One Examiner Qualification (IELTS) Two Degrees (Arts/Business) One Masters (TEFL)

Experience: I’ve been teaching for over nine years now in a variety of roles and what I thrive on in this industry is collaboration; in all its varied forms from peer learning to running professional development sessions.  My greatest collaborating crime happened two years ago when myself and Zeke became official ‘Action Men’ after winning the award for Action Research in ELICOS at the English Australia Conference. Since then I've moved to Thailand and I've opened my own language school. If you want the formal stuff then check out my resume here….





Title: Skeptiskorn (Chris)

Motto: Who put that there?

Ingredients: Laptop, Linux and Oolong Cha

Experience: Chris has been working in software development and travelling the world for a number of years. He's the author of the Foo Nugget Project language learning apps, is a student of Chinese Mandarin and has taught English in Nepal and China.