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If you like what you see on the site, we are available for personalized online English tutoring. We provide tailor made courses utilizing cutting-edge technology to give you the best chance of achieving your English language learning goals.

Personal Coach

We want to be your language learning coach. We recognise that studying with us is not enough and we want you to become an independent English language learner. We do this through giving you the technology tools that allow you to study effectively by yourself. Also we are in your corner supporting you all the way to reach your language learning goals.I particular understand what you are going through as I am living in another country and trying to learn another language. I encourage mistakes, as they are opportunities to level up. To maximise learning we will give you feedback on your English every step of the way to help you improve as fast as possible. 

Experienced Teachers

Our specialities are the use of technology in learning a language and preparing for English language tests such as IELTs. I am an award-winning teacher who has over ten years experience in teaching English and I love helping my students realise their English language related dreams. Click on the courses below to get more details and if you like what you see, send me an email using the mail icon above to organise your free 20 minute English language interview.



Sample Feedback

By far the most effective way to improve your English is through personalised feedback from an experienced teacher. At TEC² we offer a variety of feedback methods including written, video and online in class. This precise feedback will give you the best chance of reaching your language learning goal. Take a look at an example of what I’m talking about in the YouTube video below and a written report based on a student’s IELTS interview.